Uhf version of the IsoPole´s, offers the same features and performance of the Vhf antennas, as:



  • O degree radiation angle, so the major lobe is oriented on the horizon giving the maximum gain on the length. Decoupling sleeves offer greater efficiency than the common radials, producing a uniform omni directional pattern and a great mechanical strength.
  • Broader frequency coverage than other collinear antenna.
  • They can be tuned for commercial, military or amateur applications without re-tuning across the entire band with less than 2:1 of SWR with no compromise for the transceiver.
  • Constructed with the best quality materials available of high resistance corrosion aluminium alloys, stainless steel mounting hardware, and insulation resistant to UV mainly manufactured for satellite applications; the connector is inside the mast fully weather protected, offering a linear and constant performance.

  • It is an ideal choice for repeaters and trunking systems, and can replace arrays of 4 dipoles in omni directional configuration with similar performance and saving costs of installation, less wind load area and high power handling if required.

  • It has a high noise threshold, capable of discriminating weak signals of spurious or static noises, and it is also DC grounded.

  • The installation of the SPECTRAL IsoPole is very simple, it requires only a metallic tube (not supplied with the antenna for a reason of length) of 32mm (1-1/4in) and 0.70meter (28 in) for mounting , the antennas are supplied with their own masts and it is only necessary to spend a few minutes assembling and tuning by a simple length adjusting according to the chart.



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